S&R Auto Repair specializes in all makes and models of vehicles, and can perform all of your scheduled maintenance needs for you, at very affordable prices. We guarantee all of our work, to ensure that you can leave satisfied and confident!

Head Gasket & Valve Jobs Repair

✔ Electrical System Diagnosis
✔ A/C Service
✔ Fuel System
✔ Brake Job
✔ Transmission Service
✔ Head Gasket Repair
✔ Valve Jobs
✔ Ignition Repair
✔ Check Engine Light Troubleshooting
✔ Water Pump Replacement
✔ Rack-N-Pinion
✔ Door Lock Repair
✔ Drive Axle Repair
✔ Shocks & Struts
✔ Power Steering Repair
✔ Power Window Repair
✔ Timing Belt Maintenance
✔ Engine Diagnostics
✔ Radiator Service
✔ Tune Ups
✔ Oil Change
✔ Clutch Replacement
✔ Alarm System Repairs
✔ Window Regulator Repair
✔ Sunroof Repair